If there’s anything from today’s youth that’s worth getting excited about, it’s the work of London-based artist Margot Bowman” Dazed & Confused

“Bowman is now a part of the young British creative’s taking London by storm” RE-BEL magazine

Margot Bowman is an illustrator, designer, and DJ living in London. She is the creative director of The Estethetica Review, a publication focused on ethical fashion published biannually in conjunction with the British Fashion Council. Other ongoing projects include the Painted Truths series for Notion Magazine, and AnOther Fashion Cartoon for Another Magazine and everythingissoamazing.com.

Margot is a partner in the 15 Folds project – a digital art gallery founded in London in 2012. Every month they pick a theme (Opulence, for example) and make a GIF about it.
Then they invite 14 other artists and creatives to respond to the theme with their own GIF, past contributors have included Reed+Radar, Tom Beard, G1ft3d, Dain Fagerholm, Quentin Jones.
The resulting 15 works are published on our Tumblr-based platform every other day throughout the month creating a monthly group show that examines a topic or idea through the lens of digital art.
The site receives an average of 16K unique visits per month with individual GIFs generating up to 30,000 re-blogs. Visitors to the site can make their own animated GIF art with a custom-built drag-and-drop GIF maker.

Margot is a founding member at House Of St Barnabus.

You can check out Margot’s latest projects below.


London Fashion Week

Fashion Illustration Gallery

Shanghai for Lane Crawford opening

Music Video for Lucky



Farfetch recently flew Margot to dj at their event in Mumbai – have a listen here.