Pump up the volume

Pump up the volume
The 90’s Children have grown up and are now ready to remember!

PUMP UP THE VOLUME is the new night about town. Bored of the 80’s revival? Been inspired by the current hark back to 90’s fashion in Top Shop? Want to remember that last decade of the 20th Century before everything went all ‘digital and download’? Well PUMP UP THE VOLUME is here to serve…

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The 1990’s were a great decade for music. The dance scene exploded and created the many sub-genres that we know and love today. Pump Up the Volume by MARRS, while originally released in 1987, was one record that defined the sound of the following decade. It became a one-hit wonder of rare influence, was a number 1 hit in many countries and is generally regarded as a significant milestone in the development of British house music and music sampling. And so it seems the perfect name (and no doubt last tune of many fun night to come) for a night dedicated to the brilliance of the 90’s.

The 1990’s in the world of music were a decade synonymous with samples, just as the world of 90’s fashion took the same approach. Not really an iconic decade for style, it was characterized by minimalist styles, some of which were dubbed ‘anti fashion’, a backlash against the excessive fashion of the 1980s. Unlike previous decades the 1990’s were not defined by any one style, but rather a mash-up of past eras and decades.

So what you’ll find at PUMP UP THE VOLUME is an up-for-it-crowd, remembering that anarchistic attitude with a pure passion for music. The music you’ll be hearing will jump from old school hip-hop, pop, and dance classics. The night will be held together by the all female residents: Naomiii and Minkioni [see full details on request], plus guest DJ’s dropping by to play alternative 90’s sets, 90’s legends Altern 8 and Baby D have both been known to drop in!

The first PUMP UP THE VOLUME took place on Friday 30th April 2010 at Visions in Dalston, with guest DJ – legendary 90’s party god, Jon Carter. Jon of course rose to prominence in the 90’s as a resident of era-defining club, Heavenly Social, playing alongside Chemical Brothers and Death in Vegas at the infamous Albany pub. He then went on to record for Concrete Records as Monkey Mafia.

The venue – Visions – was an old video shop in Dalston transformed into a nightclub. With a 300 capacity complete with old video wall it was the perfect setting for the first ever Pump Up The Volume.

So if you want to hear records by the likes of TLC, Altern 8, Whitney Houston, Rhythm is Rhythm, Bizzare Inc, En Vogue, Jazzy Jeff, Lucy Pearl, Vanilla Ice, Gang Starr, Madonna, Q Tip and a whole lot more, and you want to dance again with pure abandonment while wearing your baggy trousers and cropped tops, or smiley t-shirts with a big grin on your face, then you know where to come!

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