To produce the entertainment in the main tent at a day long event on one of the greatest celebrations of our life time……. that appealed to the general public.
KI is famous for making people have a ton of fun and for doing things a little bit differently which is generally why clients come to us for their events.
The challenge here was to create something that took all ages just far enough out of their comfort zone so that they had an unbelievable amount of fun – but not far enough to make anyone feel at all uncomfortable.

We put together a program packed with high points, audience participation and local infamous faces.
The King & Queen of Bow Belle took to the stage at one point to lead the crowd into a rendition of MAYBE ITS BECAUSE IM A LONDONER. MASSIVE HIGH POINT and w had a cheeky reference to the palace with lookalikes of their performances…… Shirley (Nearly) Bassey, Elton (almost) John.
Kirsti International staples Musical Bingo, Last Man Standing, Queens of Noize and super gay Sink The pink all raised the bar to make a hugely memorable day for everyone.

The Thames Jubilee Pageant became the hottest ticket in town.
Selling for only £5 face value the entire event sold out way ahead of schedule which sparked a frenzy of e bay sale where the tickets were appearing for almost a £100 each.
It rained ALL DAY but our tent “THE DIAMOND GEEZER” was absolutely jam packed from the start to the finish.
The pix of this event pretty much speak for themselves. The public of London loved it, there were babes in arms right up to the age of 90 and the whole crowd came together as one in a huge celebration.