Vintage Hemingway


Event Production Case Study: Vintage Hemingway

to create a village pub for the Vintage Festival that the festival punters could call their local. The hub of the festival where everyone could regroup.

Anyone that attended the first and only ever VINTAGE FESTIVAL at Goodwood will tell you that it was magical, very much like walking onto the set of a film.
The Hemingways created something SO special that year – it was actually breathtaking – they built an actual high street! The production levels on this event were SO high so the pressure was on to do this event justice.
We took the program CHEERS as our inspiration, we wanted to create the place where everyone knows your name, where you could dance on the tables & bar and where it would feel like NYE every single night.
We’ve all been to a party that was full of wild abandon and remembered it forever – THAT is what we wanted to emulate here. This venue was to be called The Festival Of Britain Pub.

We blew the roof off! Literally!
Festival organiser Wayne Hemingway had to stop the music at one point in proceedings to announce that he actually couldn’t believe how much fun it was.
We had crazy pub quizzes, fake weddings, bonkers bingo’s and it was just brilliant.
Wayne & KI bonded over a bottle of Tanqueray and a beautiful relationship was born.
Since that first festival we have worked on 4 huge events with The Hemingways and hope to work on many more in the future.